Blog service launch

Versoteq has done research and piloting with museums in Finland during the last six months. After studying the results we've launched a 3D visualisation service mainly for museums, but also for art projects. The service is called 3DMusea and is live right now at . Name of the service comes from the plural of museum and is naturally added with 3D since the service is all about spinning and looking at 3D models. Future development aims for more interaction and even online 3D modelling or customisation. The official launch was made in our 3D scanning demo at Monday 15th of June this week with participating museums. We gave a presentation about 3D scanning and gave a demo on 3DMusea and about our system.

The site is now launched with Finnish museums and we're looking to expand the service with international museums in future also. There are going to be improvements to the site as we gather feedback. We're also open for suggestions and as we grow to international we're also looking for international 3D scanning partners. We can also coach museums to do 3D scanning themselves or move around with our equipment. Feel free to contact us.