Construction in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Close your eyes and for a moment go back to your childhood. Picture how you thought the world to be in the 21st century with the flying cars, the holographic adverts and billboards. Now open your eyes and look at our dull and bland world.

I put to you that we are too conservative with the use of augmented and virtual reality in our common, normal, world. This is the near future:

Let’s take a look at the Kone, manufacturer of elevators among other things. They are able to use tablets to keep track of the elevator cabins in real time, a system created by Etteplan. Also they have created a virtual showroom where you can familiarize yourself with the finished boat. Similarly Microsoft has created a real tool in Hololens to be used in construction. While Gilbane Construction Company does say that there are problems with it, it is a massive leap towards future and a tool, not a toy. Martin Bros. has taken this even further as a small builder no longer needs blueprints. He just copies and does what the Hololens shows him. Easy-peasy. Perhaps this is the future for building package houses?

More companies and developers are entering into augmented and virtual reality market, but at the same time we keep coming to the problems with CAD and designs. Unity among others are creating a VR system where you are able to build your designs from inside the VR. To me this is the first time in a long while when AR and VR have taken correct steps. We can again extrapolate this by considering the interior architects and renovators.

What could you do with AR and VR in construction?

3D Visualize Home Renovations

You can take the interior of the building and if the blueprints have mapped out wiring, plumbing and other such things you are able to design the upcoming renovations from inside. You can show your customer a few different ways of doing things, you can “peek” inside the walls and see what you need to do to accomplish the needed tasks.

View the Future Home in Virtual Reality

You can, with your client, walk inside the existing house in virtual reality and together you can add or subtract things from it. You can change things around, change materials and more importantly you and your customer are always on the same page and this builds your customer’s confidence in you.

But how to get this done?

Of course as these designs have been done, the 3D model will be a mathematical mess. Luckily Versoteq has an answer to it, like with geo-tracking. We have expertise and experience in taking measurement data that looks like a mess and turning it into an automation that runs itself through and leaves you the correct parameters you can use to build your product, the renovations.

We have a great track record of minimizing the need for CAD-experts in engineering projects. We have even created the push-button model of 3D scanning to printing, no CAD needed in the middle. Using our help and expertise you can go from a model the customer likes to the measurements and list of needed things in seconds instead of planning and designing on computer for days.

The future is going to be bright in this field of technology as we’ve only scraped the tip of the iceberg. Get to know our solutions of VR and AR and get in touch to start a project!