Development of 3D printed Tactile Maps

3D model of a Tactile map to be 3D printed

Versoteq is currently working on pilot projects on 3D printed tactile maps. It has been an exiting process to create new ways for the visually impaired to perceive the surrounding space. While we are working together with the blind to create the best possible solution, we're also designing the maps in full color in order to serve the people with normal vision.

One of the best rewards for our studies and pilots so far are the WOW feelings when someone finds a detail which they never knew even existed. For example the central train station in Helsinki has a monumental clock tower which is shown in many post cards, still many blind people have never realized it even exists or what kind of construction it is. The 3D printed tactile maps are not just for guidance for the visually impaired but they help them see the surrounding buildings and spaces. Studies around the world with students and children have shown that 3D printed maps can decrease the time to find places and to percieve your surroundings faster than old maps with less detail.

Standards are making their way for this field and hopefully Versoteq can be one of the contributors for this development in the Future (made in 3D). If you're interested or have any comments of questions don't hesitate to check out our Tactile map page or Contact us directly.