Museums in Finland use 3D scanning to bring exhibits to everyone

6 cultural institutes in Finland have partnered with Versoteq to 3D scan artifacts and artworks and make the 3D collections accessible for everyone. The 3D scans are currently displayed on, a virtual platform built for museums and art galleries to showcase 3D objects.

Click to explore 3D artifacts

The 6 organizations participated in the project are the National Museum of Finland, the Sports Museum of Finland, the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Gallen-Kallela Museum, the Mobilia Museum, and the Finnish Science Centre Heureka. The museums participated in the project with common objectives, which are to preserve cultural heritage and make it accessible to a wider audience. The Sports Museum also sees this project as a solution to make its exhibits available to visitors during the museum temporary close from October 2015 for renovation.

Versoteq has used different 3D scanning technologies and is currently using photogrammetry for cultural heritage. This method uses special lights and set-up without damaging any artifacts. The 3D scans are uploaded to and can easily be embedded to the museums' websites with a built-in 3D viewer, which allows users to get up close and turn the objects around to see angles that they cannot see in real life.

A 3D model of a Finnish sauna from the Museum of Finnish Architecture (scroll up your mouse wheel to zoom in and click&drag to rotate)

3D scans bring many great possibilities in utilising technologies to attract a wider audience and engage young people. Versoteq is currently looking into using 3D objects in Virtual Reality to create useful and fun education content for museum visitors.

About Versoteq

Versoteq is one of the leading 3D scanning and VR/AR service providers for museums in the Nordics. We work with museums and culture institutes to offer engaging and accessible museum experience by leveraging new 3D technologies. More information on 3D technologies for cultural heritage and, contact Rauno Huttunen, +358 50 309 9104, rauno.huttunen(at)