Versoteq has been accepted to the CreatiFI program

Versoteq has been accepted to the CreatiFI program and will therefore receive EU funding for product development:

“CreatiFI introduces the FIWARE technologies to very large relevant communities of Creative Industries and web entrepreneurs. With a €4.8 million fund for SMEs, web entrepreneurs and ICT developers, it supports the development of new applications leveraging future internet technologies for the Creative Industries.”

With the funding Versoteq will finish an online web community for designing and selling tactile maps and related B2B services. In a nutshell, anyone can design or buy a 3D tactile map and the community will ensure that the quality and prices are customer-friendly. The initial target end user group for the maps are visually impaired people. The initial direct customers are businesses that own buildings or facilities that need to meet the existing and future accessibility regulations. We presume that later also individual consumers may find the colored 3D maps of cities / countryside attractive.

In the future the website will be developed to serve a wider variety of customers by integrating new technology and services like GPX, terrain height map or other modeling / visualization tools to it. The site will reach beta testing phase in August 2015 and will be fully operational e/o 2015. The developed technology and FIWARE will later be reused in other commercial products as well.

“This funding is a perfect match for both our needs and our values. The funding is big enough to finalize the development of a commercial product. Having such a high quality website will efficiently attract potential partners and community contributors to use the international service and thus disrupt the market. We also love the idea of open source solutions and thus we are excited having this opportunity to participate in such a project.” –Timo Yletyinen, CEO.