Versoteq has installed Finland's first 3D printed tactile maps

Versoteq has been working on a tactile map project for the City of Espoo and we're proud to announce that the maps are now in place. They are located in Espoo Finland near a shopping mall called Sello in the Leppävaara region. The maps have been designed and assembled by Versoteq with the help of many parties such as the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired, Keskuspuisto Vocational College and the Espoo Disability Council.

For our knowledge this is the first time in Finland (maybe even in the world) 3D printing has been used for printing outdoor tactile maps in full colour. Tactile maps in full colour help blind persons, people with low vision and even people with normal vision to perceive their surroundings better than ever. There are no standards for 3D printed tactile maps and there is still work to be done to improve the maps. Also the materials are rapidly evolving and long term testing has not been conducted. This is a great opportunity for us and anyone interested in 3D mapping to really test them and see the results. With the use of 3D printing any changes (for the buildings or roads etc.) can be updated to the 3D model of the map and the new version can be easily printed. Every tactile map stand will get their very own website to reach for more information. The connection between the physical map and the website will be made at first with the help of NFC tags.

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