Versoteq partners with DeskArtes

Versoteq 3D Solutions and DeskArtes, both Finnish companies, announce a partnership for developing 3D software products that bring more power and agility to customer projects. The strengths of the companies complement each other well. DeskArtes has decades of experience in developing 3D CAD solutions and cutting edge software algorithms while Versoteq excels in combining 3D sotfware with web technologies. In the future the companies will leverage each other's technological IP in both development and customer projects.

"The partnership expands Versoteq's product offerings to include proven and efficient technology related to 3D modeling and model fixing. Using DeskArtes technology as part of Versoteq solutions brings interesting options to our customer projects and product development", says Timo Yletyinen, CEO of Versoteq 3D Solutions.

"DeskArtes has developed standalone 3D CAD repair and manipulation tools for the AM industry since the 90's, partnering with the largest 3D printer manufacturers. The partnership with Versoteq 3D Solutions enables DeskArtes to offer its technology to a wider audience via state-of-the-art web interfaces and applications in a very short time frame", says Ismo Mäkelä, managing director of DeskArtes Oy.