Versoteq 3D Solutions and DeskArtes, both Finnish companies, announce a partnership for developing 3D software products that bring more power and agility to customer projects. The strengths of the companies complement each other well. DeskArtes has decades of experience in developing 3D CAD solutions and cutting edge software algorithms while Versoteq excels in combining 3D sotfware with web technologies. In the future the companies will leverage each other's technological IP in both development and customer projects.

"The partnership expands Versoteq's product offerings to include proven and efficient technology related to 3D modeling and model fixing. Using DeskArtes technology as part of Versoteq solutions brings interesting options to our customer projects and product development", says Timo Yletyinen, CEO of Versoteq 3D Solutions.

"DeskArtes has developed standalone 3D CAD repair and manipulation tools for the AM industry since the 90's, partnering with the largest 3D printer manufacturers. The partnership with Versoteq 3D Solutions enables DeskArtes to offer its technology to a wider audience via state-of-the-art web interfaces and applications in a very short time frame", says Ismo Mäkelä, managing director of DeskArtes Oy.

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09/14/2016 - 11:16

Versoteq attends the 3D Print India event on 27th-28th of June. Versoteq delivers a keynote speech under title
"Obstacles and solutions for commercialising customised 3D printed products". Versoteq also attends a panel discussion on "The impact of 3D printing on manufacturing and preparing your IT infrastructure". For up to date schedule and other information about the venue please visit the venue website at:

For face to face meetings with Versoteq's CEO Timo Yletyinen and Head of Technology Dr. Jari Pallari during the venue, please email or call +358443006654.

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06/15/2016 - 14:52

SightCity is the world‘s biggest exhibition for aids for the blind and the visually impaired. This year the exhibition will take place from May 18 to 20, 2016 in Frankfurt.

Versoteq will be joining Perkins School for the Blind and exhibiting our 'talking' 3D printed tactile maps. Come meet us and test out our map at the Perkins' booth E5.

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05/12/2016 - 16:43

ESPOO AND BANGALORE, 15 APRIL 2016 – Versoteq from Finland and df3d from India have joined forces to expand sales and enhance their 3D software product delivery in the European and Asian markets.

The combination of a cutting edge software development service and automation software technology for 3D printing brings the two companies’ customers new opportunities – offering more cost-effective solutions while lifting the quality of both companies software solutions and services to a new level.

The co-operation brings Versoteq’s products and services to new market areas and business segments presenting new customers with the possibility to automatize their 3D design tasks. Versoteq now also has the engineering force of df3d available and therefore can serve a lot more customers in Europe.

Combined the two companies are now able to find an optimal 3D solution for each customer and application. The companies plan to develop the cost effectiveness and quality of 3D design works together also in the future.

“I see this as a strategic collaboration leveraging experience and expertise of two young and agile startup companies to develop innovative, cost effective solutions to customers in various geographies.”, said Mr. Deepak Raj, the CEO of df3d.

“The customers of the two companies can have cost-effectively both the traditional 3D consulting service and a software solution that solves for example scalability problems of their businesses.”, added Mr. Timo Yletyinen, the CEO of Versoteq 3D Solutions.

About Versoteq: Versoteq is the leading provider of high-quality 3D software and technical solutions for additive manufacturing businesses in Finland. The company’s core competence is its automation technology that enables fast customization and 3D design, making 3D printing businesses scalable.

About df3d: df3d provides software products and design services in 3D printing for B2B customers. The software products of df3d include web based software platforms, plugins, mobile apps and the design services include industrial, engineering and organic designs.

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04/15/2016 - 15:15

In an effort to spread the knowledge and promote 3D digitization in the cultural sector, Versoteq is organizing a Summer Road-show from 30.5 to 13.6.2016 visiting museums and galleries around Europe.

We will visit museums and galleries along the way, stop at your museum for a day to 3D scan artefacts of your choice and teach you and your documentation staff how to do 3D scanning using just digital cameras.

At the same time, we will discuss and show you various ways of using 3D models to engage visitors and broaden the museum experience. 3D printing, 3D collection online, virtual and augmented reality, to name a few.


  • 1 full working day at your museum
  • 3D scan and produce as many 3D models as possible
  • teach you how to 3D scan using digital cameras
  • discuss 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, integration of 3D viewer to your CMS

  • Fee: 600 euros (to cover our travel expenses)
  • Choose 1 possible day between 30.5 and 13.6.2016 when we can come to your museum
  • Register to tram.nguyen (at) before 19 May

    Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain are in our tentative route. If you are not from these countries but want us to visit you, please write us and we will see if we are able to stop by.


    3D digitization of museum objects offers new possibilities to research, preservation and exhibitions. 3D visualisation of 3D objects, both online and in the museum, and new interaction technologies open a wide range of opportunities for museums to share their collection, and change the way how they interact with their audience.

  • Preservation & tactile experiences: Replicas can be produced by 3D printing from 3D data
  • Collection presentation without barriers: 3D virtual models enable visitors and researchers to closely explore and study the objects in all angles



    Are you wondering what museums can do with 3D scanning and 3D printing? Check out our museum cases to learn more. The video below is an example how the National Museum of Finland incorporates 3D in their exhibition to enhance the visitor experience.

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    04/11/2016 - 13:58