Jos yrityksesi on kiinnostunut 3D-ratkaisusta joka voisi lisätä liiketoimintapotentiaalianne mutta et ole varma toteutuksen kustannuksista ja varsinaisesta hyödystä liiketoiminnallenne, on Tekesin Innovaatioseteli ratkaisu ongelmaan. Hae seteliä ja voit käyttää 5000 euroa 3D-innovaatioon joka hyödyntää yritystäsi. Lainaus Tekesin sivulta:

"Innovaatioseteli on tarkoitettu vakiintunutta liiketoimintaa harjoittaville pk-yrityksille, jotka haluavat käynnistää innovaatiotoiminnan. Innovaatiotoiminta tarkoittaa toimenpiteitä, joilla yritys kehittää tuotteitaan, palvelujaan tai prosessejaan, tai hankkii palveluna uutta innovaatiotoiminnassa tarvittavaa tietoa ja osaamista."

Versoteqin ratkaisut liittyvät markkinointiin, e-commerceen, tuotedemonstraatioon tai jopa asiakaskohtaiseen räätälöintiin. Olemme erikoistuneet 3D-tekniikan käyttöön suunnitteluohjelmistojemme lisäksi esim. AR, VR, web- ja mobiilivisualisointisovelluksissa. Räätälöimme yrityksesi tarpeisiin sopivan paketin käyttämistämme tekniikoista unohtamatta ensiluokkaista palvelua!

Ota yhteyttä ja kerro yrityksesi kiinnostuksen kohteet, niin me kerromme miten voimme teitä auttaa!

Käyttäjän Timo kuva
11/04/2016 - 14:35

Click the link and find an article about us and how our 3D solutions create cost savings and bring new business ideas. Sorry, it is in Finnish only!

In short, our technology is based on a selection of 3D SW and web solutions, and we have begun building augmented and virtual reality content around it too. Added with eCommerce we are soon publishing some interesting products! And in the mean time, we're glad to create solutions for your business also. In some cases the parametric design tool creates costs savings, while other cases just bring new business opportunities. Feel free to contact us for more information, or check our references at the projects page!

Käyttäjän Timo kuva
10/25/2016 - 14:13

When planning a trade show, especially events targeting people with disabilities, inclusion should be keep in mind to ensure your events are accessible to anyone that happens to attend. Trade show venues are often large, packed with people and sometimes complicated if there are multiple halls and exhibition areas. It is already tricky for anyone who are not familiar with the venues to quickly find a booth you want to visit and imagine what the challenges could be for individuals who cannot see. This is why every trade show should have a clear and well-presented map of the exhibition areas - and the map should be accessible for everyone.

Talking Tactile Map at BrailleTech 2016

Last month we designed an interesting tactile map for the BrailleTech 2016 exhibition in Brussels in collaboration with our partner Integra-Belgium. The map comes with audio, speaking aloud the booth names and navigation instructions to help people who cannot see to quickly get an understanding of the area and learn how to get to the booth they want to visit. The audio content presenting the booth names can easily replaced every year if the booths and exhibitors change.

Here is a video of 3D TactMap of BrailleTech 2016, presented by Integra-Belgium:

Curious about 3D TactMap? Take a quick look at

Käyttäjän Tram kuva
10/17/2016 - 14:38

Versoteq 3D Solutions and DeskArtes, both Finnish companies, announce a partnership for developing 3D software products that bring more power and agility to customer projects. The strengths of the companies complement each other well. DeskArtes has decades of experience in developing 3D CAD solutions and cutting edge software algorithms while Versoteq excels in combining 3D sotfware with web technologies. In the future the companies will leverage each other's technological IP in both development and customer projects.

"The partnership expands Versoteq's product offerings to include proven and efficient technology related to 3D modeling and model fixing. Using DeskArtes technology as part of Versoteq solutions brings interesting options to our customer projects and product development", says Timo Yletyinen, CEO of Versoteq 3D Solutions.

"DeskArtes has developed standalone 3D CAD repair and manipulation tools for the AM industry since the 90's, partnering with the largest 3D printer manufacturers. The partnership with Versoteq 3D Solutions enables DeskArtes to offer its technology to a wider audience via state-of-the-art web interfaces and applications in a very short time frame", says Ismo Mäkelä, managing director of DeskArtes Oy.

Käyttäjän Tram kuva
09/14/2016 - 11:16

Versoteq attends the 3D Print India event on 27th-28th of June. Versoteq delivers a keynote speech under title
"Obstacles and solutions for commercialising customised 3D printed products". Versoteq also attends a panel discussion on "The impact of 3D printing on manufacturing and preparing your IT infrastructure". For up to date schedule and other information about the venue please visit the venue website at:

For face to face meetings with Versoteq's CEO Timo Yletyinen and Head of Technology Dr. Jari Pallari during the venue, please email or call +358443006654.

Käyttäjän Rauno kuva
06/15/2016 - 14:52