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We develop custom branded Augmented Reality apps for companies and organizations in different sectors ranging from manufacturing, healthcare, cultural, furniture to architecture. AR transforms the way you present and communicate your products to customers. We help you do it in an effective and impressive way.

We leverage our expertise in 3D model manipulations, modern application development and 3D software when developing AR apps, making the high quality and efficient implementation costs a standard of our projects.

What is Augmented Reality? AR is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. AR uses the existing environment and overlays new information, such as 3D models, videos, animations and text, on top of it.


We transform CAD models into effective and modern digital product presentations in real environment. With AR, you can present your products on a mobile device in an effective, interactive and personal way. Show the material flows, demonstrate how the products functions, and virtually disassemble the products to show parts.

    Without AR
  • Heavy CAD SW for showing 3D models
  • Paper brochures or huge product catalogues
  • Dig out and start your computer to show the PDF’s
    With AR
  • Present any size products in 3D and see them in all angles
  • Works anytime on everyday devices
  • Personally interact with the products
  • Impress your customers


Augmented Reality technology lets customers make faster buying decisions by realistically picturing the outcomes of constructions, renovations or furniture fittings in 3D and in real environments. 3D models help customers better understand the project outcomes.


Using AR to transform the museum experience in multiple ways:

Bring Static Objects to Life. Physical labels never have enough room for telling rich stories of an artifact or painting. This is where an AR guide app can bring value. Text, images, videos, or even digital 3D models can be virtually added on top of museum objects.

Educational Games. Kids and even adults like games. So why not gamify your exhibitions? Make the visit to your museum more fun, educational and engaging with an AR treasure hunt or puzzle game.


Virtually add assembly or user guide videos or 3D animations on top of ‘paper’ manuals or product labels. Enable your users to learn by watching at their most convenience.


An interactive and unique business card can help differentiate your brand and give a good first impression. With AR, we can turn your paper business card into an interactive product catalogue, an instant product demonstration tool, a storytelling tool and much more.


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