Mass Customization

with 3D web application and visualization

Our modular solution has been used for creating multiple online consumer level mass customizing applications. We’re currently developing the new set of products with new partners and looking forward to publish the new products worldwide soon.

We think that a consumer level mass customizing application should be:
• Intuitive to use
• Does not have unnecessary complexity
• Easy to modify
• Stabile
• Cost-effective to try out

For example complex features like sculpting should be carefully considered and used in mass customizing apps, as the user interface becomes quickly too complex for the masses. We create each customization application so that it is constructed from our modular library including only the functionality that is necessary. This way we keep it lightweight while fast to construct. Of course the solution comes with interfaces to web shops and/or fabrication, or we can provide you the full web page with the infrastructure needed. Currently we have to do the modifications to the apps as we don’t have an interface for our partner’s to use, but the modifications are included in the royalty price and don’t add to the cost. We prefer a small setup cost + royalty for each app that’s constructed according to your specs, and if one of our reference solutions can be used with simple changes no setup cost is included. Depending on the case we can arrange a tryout time at which point you can decide to use our app or not. Contact us about the reference designs (we do online demos for you) or check the attached demo application. Create a coin with your own image, or use one of ours.