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3D printed Tactile maps

Download Versoteq's report on 3D printed Tactile maps.

Versoteq has been working on a tactile map project for the City of Espoo and we're proud to announce that the maps are now in place. They are located in Espoo Finland near a shopping mall called Sello in the Leppävaara region. The maps have been designed and assembled by Versoteq with the help of many parties such as the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired, Keskuspuisto Vocational College and the Espoo Disability Council.

We make tactile maps with a "Design for All" approach. Full colour 3D printing makes it possible to produce maps which are both affordable and suitable for all users. Tactile maps will be developed even further based on the feedback we get from the pilot testing in Espoo.

Rauno Huttunen

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