Ålands Museum Allows Visitors to Touch Exhibits

About the Åland Museum

The Åland Museum is the region’s central museum – a cultural history museum covering archaeology, ethnology, architecture and natural history. The museum was founded in 1934, as a consequence of the Åland Islands gaining their autonomy in 1922 and assuming responsibility for the conservation of the region’s historical heritage.

3D printed replicas for an accessible exhibition

In 2016 Versoteq did 3D scanning post-processing work in co-operation with the Åland Museum. The museum captured images of artifacts, and we post-processed the images to produce 3D models. We enhanced important details of the artifacts so that visually impaired visitors can better feel them by touching. The 3D models are then 3D printed.

The solutions used

  • 3D modelling
  • 3D printed replicas