EMMA Museum digitized education suite with 3D scanning

About EMMA Museum

Espoon Museum of Modern Art (EMMA Museum) is an art center providing experiences and knowledge. The museum's premises in the WeeGee building offers a setting for high-quality international exhibitions.

EMMA's digital goal is to be a pioneer in the way they can enrich the experience of art in the museum as well as in the outside world. The museum wants to bring their services globally and be available to the development of future digital museum services.

3D Scan Digitizes Art Pack to Offer Art Knowledge Globally

In December 2015, we started working with EMMA to 3D scan their educational collection. The collection consists of 8 objects from 8 periods of time and representing different geographical regions. We completed and delivered the project within 1 month. The work included 3D scanning, displaying the 3D models on multiple platforms (website and multi-touch screen), and animating a sculpture creation process.


A 3D digital story of a sculpture, from a steel wire skeleton to bronze

The highlight of this project is transforming the artwork called the Frost Bird by Pirkko Nukari into a digital interactive experience for art education purposes. Nukari wanted to show how a bronze sculpture is created by displaying multiple objects in different development phases, from a wire skeleton, clay moulding, to bronze casting.

We 3D scanned the objects and combined the 3D models with animations to collectively demonstrate the sculpture-making process.
❱Try out: How a sculpture is created
Students and anyone interested in art can enjoy this interactive artistic experience and learn more about art through the internet. Schools can incorporated into their teaching the 3D presentation, which is more attractive and easier to understand than slides of text and images.

How EMMA uses 3D models

The 3D models are available on the museum's website for schools and students, and on 3DMusea for everyone else to explore.

EMMA also displays the 3D models on a large multi-touch screen in the museum. Visitors can rotate to explore and interact with the objects from all angles.

Using the 3DMusea platform, the museum can easily bring the 3D models to their website by embedding HTML tags, similar to embedding a YouTube video to a website.