Helsinki City Museum Preserves a Rare Archaeological Skull

About the Helsinki City Museum

The Helsinki City Museum is the world’s only museum focusing on Helsinki. Personal experiences and everyday life of people in Helsinki are highlighted and reflected in the museum’s items and photographs. A Kiss-kiss candy wrapper, a squeaky steel spring bed and a photo of a suburb home yard are precious treasures in the museum.

Too fragile for a glass cabinet. The solution: 3D printing

In 2016 Versoteq made 3D printed replica of a skull for the museum. Helsinki City Museum wanted to exhibit a fragile skull in the permanent exhibition which is going to last about 5 years. It's impossible to say what will happen to a 500 years old skull during that time in a glass cabinet. The museum decided to store the original in optimal conditions and place a replica in the cabinet. Versoteq made 3D models with photogrammetry 3D scanning from three pieces of the skull and then combined the parts as one. The whole skull was then 3D printed with the actual scale and placed in the exhibition.

Versoteq also produced a video for the exhibition about the 3D model: