Photogrammetry Training with Museene i Akershus

Seeking to new ways to broaden exhibition experiences and communicate the museum's collections, Museene i Akershus in Norway wanted to explore emerging opportunities with 3D scanning and build in-house knowledge and skills in photogrammetry. Versoteq was honoured to be the chosen training partner of MiA, working with the Head of the Photo department of the museum.

We arranged a 2-day training programme for the museum at our premises in Espoo. The training was a hands-on workshop which covers knowledge and techniques of photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is a technique using digital cameras to capture images of an object and generate its 3D virtual model from the images. Photogrammetry is considered one of the most practical method of 3D scanning for museums because it does not require special 3D scanning equipment.

The solution used:

  • Photogrammetry training