Sports Museum of Finland: 3D Scanning and 3D Visualization

About the Sports Museum of Finland

The Sports Museum of Finland (in Finnish: Urheilumuseo) is a national specialised museum dedicated to the preservation, research and display of items relating to the history of sports and physical culture in Finland. The museum is one of the leading institutes in Finland in continuously exploring and trying out new technologies in their exhibitions and operations.

The museum has been temporarily closed for renovation until 2019.

Open 3D visualization web exhibition while museum is closed

In 2015 Versoteq started 3D digitizing 49 iconic and historical objects and created a 3D web exhibition on the museum's website. The 3D digital objects are currently displayed on the museum's website and to provide the public an open access to the collection despite the fact that the museum is closed. The 3D digital objects allow viewers to look more closely - viewers can rotate the objects in all angles and zoom in to see the details in the 3D visualization.


Even though the museum is closed, they are still able to communicate about their collections. The museum occasionally features 3D models on social media to engage their audience.

Improve Accessibility: Multi-censoring exhibition with the help of 3D printing

The museum used 3D printing and audio application to create a multi-censoring exhibition that allows visitors to experience the exhibition through the senses of touch and hearing. Versoteq 3D scanned several artifacts, which were part of their permanent exhibition, and produced 3D printed replicas. Museum visitors could touch the replicas and listen to audio guidance using the Guidio mobile application.

The project was aimed to make the museum exhibition accessible to all visitors regardless of their physical challenges.

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