Versoteq's online 3D software automates meshing and fixing of point clouds

Versoteq offers our business customers online and offline 3D model visualisation and modification solutions, and has provided them for businesses in the online retail, cultural heritage and medical sectors. These software solutions make 3D printing and/or online 3D visualisation automatic and cost-effective, and therefore enable new scalable and global business opportunities for our business customers.

Automate meshing and fixing of point clouds

One of the most time-consuming tasks when managing 3D scanning data is the generation of triangular meshes out of point clouds. Versoteq has now added new features to our set of 3D core features. We can now automate the process of bringing raw 3D scanned point clouds to the application, fixing the errors and artifacts, and triangulating them for either visualisation, modification or 3D printing.

The process is currently application specific, meaning that in order to get the best results it needs to be set up for each new application. When properly set, the automatic process eliminates the need for manual CAD fixing and triangulation. The technology is currently in use in medical engineering applications but in most cases scalability problems with any 3D scanning solutions can be solved with this new technology.