Slush Improves Access with Tactile Maps

Slush 2015 (Helsinki, Finland)

Slush is Europe's leading startup event. In 2015, the event brought together 15.000 attendees from 100 countries. The event was held at Messukeskus, a Expo and Convention Center, which is the biggest center in Finland.

A Design-for-All Solution

Expected a big number of coming attendees, Slush organizers wanted to find a solution to help the incomers find way around the venue more easily. Although the majority of expected visitors was not visually impaired, it was still crucial to offer a possibility for people with visual impairments to be able to attend the event. Thus, having maps that well serve both groups of potential users was important for such an event.

The maps of Slush are a great example of a design-for-all approach.They represented the surroundings with actual three-dimensional shapes of buildings and facilities so that any potential users could perceive the environment by touching, looking, or a combination of both. Moreover, the maps in full colour truly helped sighed users identify locations faster. These maps also presented information of outdoor and indoor environments

About the Project

We produced in total three maps coming with branded stands, installed outdoors and indoors. The maps were 52 x 30 cm in dimensions and 3D printed in full-colour sandstone. Black was chosen as the main colour of the maps because it is the theme colour of the event.

We completed the design within 2 weeks of time. The production was done in another 2 weeks by our 3D printing partner, Alphaform.

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