Tactile Map installed at Keskuspuisto Vocational College

About Keskuspuisto Vocational College

Keskuspuisto Vocational College is Finland's second largest vocational special education institution and development center for special needs education. Vocational special needs education is designed for students who need special support in their studies due to disability, illness, delayed development or for some other reason.

3D Printed Tactile Map at the College

Part of the project with the City of Espoo in improving accessibility in the Leppävaara region, Versoteq designed and produced 3 printed tactile maps, among which 1 map has been installed at the Leppävaara campus of the Keskuspuisto Vocational College. The map is in place to facilitate navigation and orientation of the students and school visitors around the region. The map presents locations of the campus, nearby residential buildings, the Sello shopping mall, and the Leppävaara railway station.

The map was 3D printed in full colour plastic which is highly durable for placement outdoors.

The solutions used:

  • 3D printed tactile maps (outdoors)